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South Korea also missed the Pokemon Go

The Korean Government has recently convened the second meeting of the National Geographic Information Service, the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Unification, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the National Intelligence Service, and the "Outbound Map Data" , The resolution of the case to extend the time limit for 60 days. Responsible for the consultation of the National Geograp...


Dutch Hague city government sued Pokemon GO

Recently, the game "Pokemon Go Account" negative news continue to be exposed. Governments have also caught in the public keen to grasp the "elf" which led to frequent accidents, public maintenance and management of the rapid increase in the number of tasks to the state. Enduring intolerance of the Hague city government finally in the near future formally sued Nintendo, asking the latter to limit the "Pokemon" in the Hague City, southwest coastal recreation area o...


Pokemon Go heat drop

The summer is over, the day is shortening, and the young players are turning their attention to their homework. Hot market "Pokemon Go" market sentiment is also faded. As of September 18, Google's "Pokemon Go" search volume was only one-tenth of its peak in the week of July 10, according to the Google Trends Tool. "Pokemon Go" in early July on the line, the current iOS and Android platform, the cumulative downloads reached 500 million times. The mobile gaming...


Pokemon Go to become the major search keywords

"Pokemon Go" to become the major search keywords, that artists have adapted the wizard into a comic book will not take offense, and now the Russian illustrator Andrew? Tarusov comic version of the Pokemon Go ", http://www.pokemonglory.com/ to know that in his writing all roles will be transformed into another kind of appearance.


Elves can dream of the second generation of Pokemon GO evolution list exposure

"Pokemon GO" hot is gradually over time and turn off,developers Niantic may also have been aware of the game heat has deteriorated, so a series of incentives to enhance the player's viscosity, such as the next A version will launch the "trading system", "Battle System", "partner system" and matching bracelet,and recently foreign media GamePress and Pokmon GO Pokdex also jointly open the "Pokemon GO" second generation Pokemon value,let us u...


Pokemon Go new patch revealed the new features of the future

The latest update patch adds a lot of game source code, revealed the future version will add many changes and new features: support for the wizard trading, open to capture the mythical beast wizard, the game store new purchase props and so on. While these new features are not yet available, let's take a look at the new elements that will be updated in future releases. New purchase props "Pokemon Go" game store is currently available props are still very limited, the new version ...


Pokemon Go finally caught in the operating room Pikachu

Although the "Pokemon Go Account" caused a sensation has been a long time, but often can see some of the Odaiba in Japan because of "rare treasure dream" of intelligence and immediate concern to the players. September 25, Japan Fuji TV interview with the local high-Tak Ke-mai and most people do not like the "Pokemon GO" play. Perhaps the domestic small partner is not very understanding of the high to be grams of this person, penguin mother briefly. Takasuka is th...


Pokemon GO game a comprehensive analysis

"Wizard Pokemon Go Account" novice strongest Raiders: Interface articles:Click on the lower left corner of the picture, we can see in the experience value, log, achievement badge these three information. Experience is not necessary to say, we rely on it to upgrade, and the log is recorded in the past, the player has done anything, such as when to catch what treasure can dream, or when what props can be viewed here The Achievement badge is much easier to understand, as long as you co...


Pokemon GO or landing Nintendo NX host

It is reported that Nintendo will be before the end of 2016 so that we first saw the Nintendo NX, which will allow us can judge what the game for it. Between its portability features, there is a game should be able to determine - "Pokemon GO" ( "Pokémon GO").An interview in foreign media, the "Pokemon Go Account" CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara, referring to the possibility of the handheld Nintendo NX, and it has confirmed that the. Ishihara said the host of the upco...


Game developer Supercell updated a number of new cards for the game

Recently, according to company statistics Sensor Tower of data, according to the developers Niantic Labs Google Maps positioning system that combines augmented reality technology developed by the popular game "Pokemon: GO" has been let out of the US App Store revenue chart in the first place. "Pokemon: GO" in early July this year after the sale, to occupy the top position rankings income over two months time. However, its dominance only extended to the United States until ...


Pokemon does not touch the phone can catch spirit

Nintendo and Niantic by the joint effort to build the AR hand tour "Pokemon Go" swept the world since the shelves, its exclusive peripherals "Pokemon Go Plus" is attracting the attention of many fans. Recently, exclusive peripherals "Pokemon Go Plus" has been available in Japan and other regions triggered panic buying. This article will bring this small series peripherals out of the box, let us take a look at this price reached 210 yuan peripherals over how to us...


Pokemon Company confirms positive development NX platform

Pokemon company president Ishihara permanent and in an interview with The Wall Street Journal interview, confirmed that the company is developing for the NX platform, "Pokémon," the latest work. And declared that "NX will change the traditional concept of host and handheld", which also confirmed from the side earlier broke the news, NX will host a handheld fit a new concept game. This is the first confirmation of the "NX is the host and handheld one" made fr...


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