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Dutch Hague city government sued Pokemon GO

Post By Oct 01 2016

Recently, the game "Pokemon Go Account" negative news continue to be exposed. Governments have also caught in the public keen to grasp the "elf" which led to frequent accidents, public maintenance and management of the rapid increase in the number of tasks to the state. Enduring intolerance of the Hague city government finally in the near future formally sued Nintendo, asking the latter to limit the "Pokemon" in the Hague City, southwest coastal recreation area of ​​time and place.


"The Hague District Court will hear the case on 11 October," said a spokesman for The Hague city government, which has two demands, one forbidding "Elves" to appear in the nature and environmental protection zones of the Kekder , The second is to prohibit "Pokemon" 11 pm to 7 pm in the Kekdeen area between the emergence.


Kekder is located in the south-west of the city of The Hague, is a tranquil coastal recreation area. Since the summer of this year, almost every day hundreds of hand players in coastal Avenue on the grasp of "Pokemon." The Hague city government at first wanted to use this boom to attract more tourists. August 9 players in the most concentrated Binhai Square, also put up the "Welcome to the 'Pokemon' of the billboard.


As the game superimposed on the real scene, the player had to take the phone to the real location to find "Pokemon", the game "supply station" and "Road Museum" are also real life in the real place. As a result, a large number of players flocked to forget. As a result, not only the residents of the area bear the harassment, the city government also had to send additional security and management personnel, additional public toilets, trash and other public facilities. Dutch media said the daily expenses associated with more than 1500 euros (about 11,246.1 yuan).


"There are 245 hectares of nature and environmental reserves in Kekder because the city does not want players to flock there, nor do people want to be disturbed late at night," a government spokesman said. "


The Hague city government hopes to negotiate with the game developers to solve the problem, but the telephone, mail and letters to contact unsuccessful, forced to court.

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