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Elves can dream of the second generation of Pokemon GO evolution list exposure

Post By Sep 29 2016

"Pokemon GO" hot is gradually over time and turn off,developers Niantic may also have been aware of the game heat has deteriorated, so a series of incentives to enhance the player's viscosity, such as the next A version will launch the "trading system", "Battle System", "partner system" and matching bracelet,and recently foreign media GamePress and Pokmon GO Pokdex also jointly open the "Pokemon GO" second generation Pokemon value,let us understand the next together.(CP is the Combat Point, that is,fighting points, CP higher,the stronger the fighting,the player can strengthen or evolution to enhance combat effectiveness,but each time to upgrade the ability to consume a certain amount of candy).


The final evolution of the Royal three, respectively, chrysanthemum (CP 2485), the fire beast (CP 2602), crocodile (CP 2678), respectively, in parentheses CP maximum.


Rare elf side, the legend of the three sacred beasts Thunder (CP 2963), water Jun (CP 2926), Yan Emperor (CP 3263),legends Elf Rocky (CP 3614), Phoenix King (CP 4213) CP 3299), and other second-generation open after the opening,the Phoenix will surpass the ultra-dream in one fell swoop (CP 4144),dominate the game to become the strongest animal.


For the trainer,the total hope to get 10 km of eggs, hatched rare elf, such as the Kabi beast, mini dragon,fossil pterosaurs,big rock snake, etc .second generation update,10 km egg Will add a lot of elf,including the dream demon, Heracles Cross,giant wings flying fish,armor birds,Barr Lang, Labyrinth baby, electric shock strange duckling,by Kira, want to hatch the most wanted Need luck.


Since Niantic has not announced an update schedule,all the information about the second generation on the game site does not represent the end result,  http://www.pokemonglory.com/  and all trainers have to wait patiently for a new adventure.

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