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Pokemon Go heat drop

Post By Sep 30 2016

The summer is over, the day is shortening, and the young players are turning their attention to their homework. Hot market "Pokemon Go" market sentiment is also faded.


As of September 18, Google's "Pokemon Go" search volume was only one-tenth of its peak in the week of July 10, according to the Google Trends Tool. "Pokemon Go" in early July on the line, the current iOS and Android platform, the cumulative downloads reached 500 million times.


The mobile gaming market is currently valued at $ 36.6 billion. With the popularity of the unprecedented speed, "Pokemon Go" popularity will take a long time to completely fade. Although the search for "Pokemon Go" news and information users less, but its search volume is still "tribal conflict: Royal War" five times.


In fact, "Pokemon Go" this week, the search volume has increased, thanks to the 25th of this month on-line game updates. Now, Pokemon GO shows the location of the captured Pokemon to the user.


Players can also use the Pokemon Go Plus bracelet with specific products. This update is not a major upgrade, but the fun has improved.


"Pokemon Go" broke a series of records this summer. It is the history of the fastest income of 500 million US dollars, the fastest to reach 500 million downloads of the game. It has also produced a great sensation in the media field.


The great enthusiasm of the players makes "Pokemon Go" in the weeks time has become the news headlines. However, this enthusiasm has now subsided, "Pokemon GO" income and even decline.


Pokemon Go was the top of the "Tribal Conflict: The Royal War" last week after taking the No. 1 spot in the App Store for the first week in a row.

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