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Pokemon Go new patch revealed the new features of the future

Post By Sep 28 2016

The latest update patch adds a lot of game source code, revealed the future version will add many changes and new features: support for the wizard trading, open to capture the mythical beast wizard, the game store new purchase props and so on. While these new features are not yet available, let's take a look at the new elements that will be updated in future releases.


New purchase props


"Pokemon Go" game store is currently available props are still very limited, the new version will increase the "Cool" and "Floral" type incense (Incense) - incense can be a certain time to attract the wizard to your Around. "Cool" and "Floral" may not be an official name, but rather a placeholder for the name. There may be new types of egg incubators


Wizard trading


Just like Nintendo "Pokemon Go" orthodox handheld works, the trading wizard is a great fun game. There is evidence in the new version that Niantic is about to launch a wizard trading feature, which can be found in the code: Transaction Search, Transactions, Transaction Responses, Transaction Results and more.


Capture the mythical beast wizard


Although we have previously found in the game code of the mythical beast wizard generation three birds (frozen birds, lightning birds, flame birds), but they are not in the game open to the public. This time we have found a new super-animal spirit level dream, but also found in the code "to capture the active animal class Cage Legend (Pokemon)" activity, before the game only appears " Future versions will be open during special events to capture the mythical beast wizard.


In addition to the museum, we also see the game code "fortress Forts" location of the words. However, by foreign media analysis "Forts" may only refer to the "Road Museum fight" only.


Buddy Pokemon


Perhaps you can specify a portable "Pokemon partner." Able to follow in the lead around, and quickly interact with it and reward.


We found a new Content Pack folder called "VR", which includes the "Platfrm" and "Cardboard" folders. This may mean that Niantic will soon be the Google VR device launched the "Pokemon GO" corresponding to the VR version, for a more immersive experience.
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