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South Korea also missed the Pokemon Go

Post By Oct 01 2016

The Korean Government has recently convened the second meeting of the National Geographic Information Service, the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Unification, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the National Intelligence Service, and the "Outbound Map Data" , The resolution of the case to extend the time limit for 60 days. Responsible for the consultation of the National Geographic Information Service for the outbound issue, said the need for careful discussion to decide.


National Geographic Information Service: in charge of land surveying, mapping and other business


Future Creation Science Department: National R & D center, establish a scientific policy, similar to Taiwan's Academia Sinica


Unification Department: Responsible for dialogue, exchange and cooperation between South and North Korea


Administrative and Self-Government Department: Central administrative organ, similar to Taiwan's Executive Yuan


Industry Ministry of Commerce and Industry: In charge of trade, investment and other affairs


National Intelligence Agency: responsible for information security, criminal search and other matters related to law and order


The spokesman said that after careful consideration of the impact of map information on national security and the domestic space information industry, it was necessary to discuss with Google about national security and industrial impact. Google is also listening to the views of the South Korean government, asked to renegotiate, to clarify their position.


So the original scheduled for August 25 notification of Google Maps outside the deliberation of the results will be extended to 60 days after the notice, will be held after the third consultation.
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